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Huffington Post: Does the Invisible Hand Know Best?

Jefferey Abelson reviews What Money Can’t Buy and highlights the following questions in his article:

• How do you feel about paying children to read books, or to get good grades?
• Or the ethics of paying people to test risky new drugs — or to donate their organs?
• What about hiring mercenaries to fight America’s wars?
• Or allowing cash-strapped communities to sell ads on police cars and fire hydrants?
• How about outsourcing inmates to privately owned prisons because it’s more cost-effective?
• Or allowing those who can afford it to buy special access to doctors?
• Or buying admission to elite universities when students with better grades are rejected?
• How about selling citizenship to immigrants willing to pay?
• Or allowing businesses to advertise inside our schools?
• Is it moral to put a price on human life to decide how much pollution to allow?
• What about buying other people’s life insurance policies to bet on when they’ll die — for profit?

How would you answer these questions? Discuss in the comments section below.


Read the original article here.



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